Your Mental and Financial Wellness are Inextricably Linked

It’s the gospel truth.

Your mindset and bank account are absolutely, undeniably, 100% related.

I'm not saying shift your mindset and a million dollars will appear in your wallet—although similar things have definitely happened before.

But I am saying that if you work on your feelings, attitude, and relationship with money, you can begin to step into financial abundance.

First, you have to be willing to look at what is there beneath the surface. If you’re not open to exploring your mind, beliefs, and emotions, you’re not going to get very far.

Investing financially is investing in your mental wellness, and vice versa.

We are complex beings, and as you heal one aspect of your life, the others naturally improve. So imagine healing your mindset around your body, and then you start feeling stronger, more confident, proud of yourself, grateful for the self-control and discipline that suddenly feels easy.

And then you notice how it starts to trickle into your relationships, having healthier friendships and with your family.

And then you start feeling so good, you decide that you want to start making more so you can buy clothes that fit you better and also give money to the people who might also need some help getting out of a tough place.

You show up at work better, more excited, better ideas coming to you, caring about what you’re giving to your company more.

And then you realize...I am worthy of a raise. I give a lot, I work hard, I make sure I’m my best when I show up.

And your boss offers it to you without even asking. And they want to give you a bonus also.

Obviously this is just one of many ways that God works. But it has been proven over and over and over again that as you heal and grow, your life will always expand.

The coolest part of this? You get to choose what you want to focus on.

When I began the deep parts of my healing, I was trying to manifest my dream job. I had no idea what it was, I didn’t know what it would look like, but I knew the characteristics I wanted my day to feel like. I could tap into that emotion. And that was the day I learned how to create feelings out of nothing but my mindset.

You can choose what you want to heal first, you can focus on manifesting physical health, money, a romantic relationship, spiritual health, beautiful friendships, or a career you’re obsessed with. It truly does not matter what you choose, know that you get to pick whatever you want, and focus on that to heal that. And trust that as you heal, you create space for the other areas to heal as well.

When I began trying to heal and get clarity on what I wanted as my dream job, I healed my relationships with my parents, grew a stronger and closer more authentic relationship with my boyfriend (now husband), I created a home that I loved, manifest my dream wedding, fell into a coaching training (because I was just trying to heal myself, and then BAM, I stumbled into my dream job of being a coach and teacher creating more joy, love, passion, and money than I expected!

What’s the main thing you’re wanting to focus on and heal in this phase you’re in right now? What matters most to you where you’re at today? How can you take one or two steps toward healing that? Where are you being led right now?

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