One of the Most Damaging Beliefs I Was Taught and How I'm Moving Through It

Growing up, it was heeaaavily implied that my church was the one true church. I mean, it honestly might have even be said outright.

And this idea that the church I was in was somehow more knowledgeable, had more answers, could understand the bible more accurately...⠀


Realizing I thought that was such a moment for me. I was maybe 19 when I started feeling deeply confused about how one network of churches was somehow better/holier/on a higher pedestal than any other church.⠀

That we were the only "real" christians in the world. Everyone else is off on either one doctrine or another.⠀

I remember my dad (ugh, he's the absolute best) telling me about a book called "Who Is My Brother?" and how he was working through a similar question—clearly on a muuuch deeper level.⠀

It definitely started before that, because it probably stemmed from all the general issues and questions I had with my church (and the many churches I had been a part of before that).⠀

I began to think, wait if we're wrong (or at least not 100% right) about this one there a church out there who is getting this right? And if we're off on this, what else are we missing?⠀

Fast forward 8 years and I'm still working through the same ideas.⠀

Does anyone get it right? Can anyone get everything right? Are there more important things that you "should" get right? Does God really care more about your personal understanding/doctrine around baptism or the way you treat your partner? Does giving to the poor matter more or caring for your parents in their old age? ⠀

How can we, as humans, say that one doctrine is more important than another?⠀

How can we claim that we have all the answers to these massive questions scholars have been pouring over and exploring for centuries?⠀

I think one of the biggest healing moments for me has been continually giving myself permission to disagree with "leadership" or what my church claims as "biblical fact" and moving into a space of curiosity. ⠀

Letting thoughts sit on my mind for a few weeks/months/years. ⠀

Letting go of the pressure to figure it all out now.⠀

Maybe that's what God really wants: to engage our minds with our hearts and let it be the gradual unfolding of knowledge.

And truthfully, that sounds way more fun anyway.

Los Angeles, CA


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