Overview of the 5 Human Design Types

Human Design is like Myers-Briggs meets the Enneagram meets Astrology meets the I-Ching.

It's more of a map than a personality quiz, but as soon as you start reading about your design you'll probably do the whole "OMG that is SO me!!" thing.

Because Human Design is so much bigger than just being labeled with your sign. It breaks down a blueprint for what your strengths and weaknesses are, why you approach things a certain way, how your childhood programming has affected the natural bents you were given, and so much more.

The reason it's having such a moment right now is because more and more people are seeing how helpful it is to help them navigate their lives.

It's not a prediction tool, it's a deeper understanding tool.

In this week's blog post, I break down each energy type with an overview so you can begin to understand yourself a little bit better!

Generators + Manifesting Generators


(Real quick: there's a lot fo debate on if manifesting generators are their own "type" but if you're an MG, you'll find similarities to both types and get to see what strategy works better for you depending on if you have more generator or manifestor in you.)⠀

As a generator, you need to be invited so that you can use your "strategy" (the best way for you to approach life) which is responding. But Responding may not mean what you're assuming. It can be as simple as responding to having to go to bed by reading a book before you fall asleep (in this scenario the invitation is sleep and the response is reading).⠀

Think about "responding" as your way of taking action. Ways to explore how this looks for you: ask yourself if the action you're about to take is addressing a need/desire.⠀

By using a yes/no question where you can get in touch with your "gut reaction" (sacral center) helps you to get clarity on where you need to be responding to best suit your needs/wants (ex. is this how I want to spend my day?).⠀

Frustration is what is called your "not-self theme," meaning, when you push or try to force—instead of being patient and allowing yourself to respond to an invitation—you will be met with frustration. Caveat: if you're an MG, you'll want to wait for the invitation and then you can initiate (the manifestor strategy)

Going back to flow vs frustration...⠀

The question at this point will be "okay, cool, but how do I know if I'm doing the 'right' thing?"⠀

Glad you asked 😉⠀

If you have a deep yes happening and are in a place of flow, then you're in the right place. If there's that gut reaction no and you're feeling that frustration, then you're in a GREAT learning position. Use that as a chance to explore what's happening internally (both emotional and physical feelings) to learn about yourself, what you really want, what you wish you were doing instead, etc.⠀

And then in the mean time, get really clear & visualize what that is and wait to respond to that opportunity/idea/discussion.



While you may not have a lot of initiating power on your own, you are a beautiful soul to curate the skills/energies/resources that work for you. As a projector, it can be easy to take on the programming around you —especially in a world of generators and MGs, who thrive on "making it happen." THIS IS NOT YOU.⠀

Similarly to manifestors, you are created to work in short bursts and need rest/naps. But differently than manifestors, you are designed for working *with* others to bring your dreams to life. When you're with other energy types, a whole new world opens up to you because all of the sudden you will begin to feed off of that gen/MG energy, inviting you into a life where you can discern what works for you and against you.⠀

As the magnetic guest, you need to WAIT for the invitation. And once you are woooweeee it gets really exciting.⠀

BUT trust that your energy is something special and should be used on special things. Think of it less as "having" to wait and more as "getting" to wait. Use that time to embrace all things you, exploring what you're learning about yourself and others and whatever else interests you.⠀

The key for you is patience, trusting that the right opportunity will be presented at just the right time.⠀

You cannot force or push or you will be met with resistance every time, leading to your "not-self theme" (aka when you're not living you projector design): bitterness. The saying "it's about the journey not the destination" is 💯 you.⠀

For you, leaning in to that beautiful space between invitations, growing there, learning more about yourself, soaking in all the things you love...this is what created your most magnetic self. Though it's counter-cultural, know that when you release that conditioned belief to "just do it" is when you begin to fully step into how you were designed to live.


The best part of being a manifestor is also the hardest thing: you were created to START THINGS.⠀

You are sheer beautiful power to start conversations, projects, and movements. The challenge with this? No other energy type has this gift, so you neeeed to keep other people in the loop. ⠀


Especially those with whom you work/live, the more often you can inform them and tell them what you're thinking/planning, the better. People might describe you as being "intimidating," having a "strong" personality, or even "unstable." That's just because you have such a powerful energy.⠀

As a manifestor, you have access to that energy to do and make things happen—without needing an invitation or others' permission. Yeah, that's right. If you want to make something happen, you can literally just go out and do it. It's how you were created.⠀

This is where informing comes into play: if you don't tell others what you're about to do, you will easily slip into anger. It's easy for other types to not quite understand manifestors and that can make it hard for them to get behind you. Which can create a lot of tension and anger because it might seem like others are trying to "hold you back." Ha! They couldn't if they tried.⠀

But if you can embrace informing others, trust that eventually they will get on the same page as you! Be patient, give them time and space, and soon they'll see the value you bring. Also trust that your right people will find you. You're not meant for everyone, and that's OKAY! Because you were put here to make waves and disrupt things—and that's your gift.⠀

The truest beauty you hold is when you can tap into how you can best serve the highest good with your power—that's when you become insanely magnetic. And this is where you can begin to invite others into your vision (and that's when things get really exciting).⠀

Like projectors, you work best in sprints. When inspiration comes, embrace is wholeheartedly. And when it's time, rest. Don't apologize for your power, but begin to explore how you can be use it for the greater good. That is our mission, fellow manifestor!


If you are a reflector, you are one of the rarest most unique people in the world, because you make up literally less than 1% of the population, which is nuts.⠀

You are so special because you don't have ANY defined centers, which means at your healthiest and living the most aligned with your design you're allowing yourself to try out different energies so you can reflect them back to others and then let them go.⠀

Like I said in the intro to design types, all the other types (generators, manifesting generators, manifestors, and projectors) are SOLAR types. And you are the beautiful LUNAR type. Similarly to projectors, you need to be mindful about what energies you choose to curate, don't just take on whatever everyone else is doing or telling you to do (BOUNDARIES).⠀

You are a channel, not a container.⠀

Like the moon (which is your authority by the way), are meant to act as a mirror rather than initiating and bringing your own energy forward. This means you need to carefully choose the people you surround yourself with because they will have a massive impact on the way your own ideas come forward.⠀

For you, it's recommended you wait 28 days (one lunar cycle) before making those big, life-changing decisions. Again, this is where your community comes into play. Use those around you as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of (not necessarily to get advice though).⠀

With the smaller day-to-day choices, get super in touch with your intuition to tap into what feels GOOD for you. This is one of the only things you have to go off of, so trust your gut. But again, it's why your community matters so much. Even with those daily decisions, their energy will impact how you view yours. This isn't a bad thing, just something to be aware of.⠀

Your main mission here is to act as the barometer to those around you. Support your friends and family by reflecting back to them where they're at and what they still need to grow in, and you'll elevate the whole community.

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