Ready to change your life? Let's do this.

Wanting to set up a single session?

Just a two hour call will:

- Teach you useful tools for managing emotions

- Help you clarify what is it you truly want

- Uncover your limiting beliefs

- Discover your main goals

- Set up your next steps

What it entails:

-Mini visualization

-Powerful questions

-Short EFT (tapping) session

-Clear action steps

Ready to dive in?

The purpose of a package helps you to:

-Heal the root of what's holding you back

-Cultivate a deep sense of purpose

-Clarify your daily needs

-Get the support you need to move forward

-Find direction

-Create deep connectedness with friends and family

-Find fulfillment

-Discover how you can get the most out of life

-Optimize your emotional and mental wellness

What the weekly sessions entail:


-Noticing your thoughts

-Healing the subconscious

-Shifting into Gratitude

-Cultivating a spiritual practice

-Self-Care tools

4 week package


Weekly payment plan

8 week package


Weekly payment plan

Los Angeles, CA


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