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The Truth About God's View of Money

I have spent this whole year in a state of determination to let this be my best financial year yet. When I sat down to do my pre-year journaling for goals/dreams/desires, money and community were my two biggest things. I have LOVED investing in my money mindset (despite others telling me I was fine already) in time, money, effort, energy, and emotion.⠀

And let me tell you, investing in it was one of the GREATEST returns I've received. I was AMAZED. And even though I loved what was happening, as a Christian, I wanted to be sure it was true to how God views and feels about money. That's why I created this course!!! ⠀

In this course I teach you the power we hold as people who want to help and give to others. I created it because I want good people to make good money so they can do good things. In it, I teach you how to be honest about your natural human desires while understanding God's heart around money. I want us to have life to the FULL in every single way (which includes MONEY)!⠀

The Complete Guide to Manifestation for Christians

Through my study and reading/learning/exploring manifestation and the various methods out there, I’ve boiled it down to five pillars, and found how easy it is to back each pillar fully by scriptures. 


The Complete Guide to Manifestation for Christians is ultimately that: I break down manifestation for the total newbie and also go deeper for the experienced manifestor, all the while showing how Christianity supports it through scripture and Jesus’ relationship with God.


It’s a massive how-to course, where I walk you through the process from start to finish (finish, being you receiving what you truly desire).

Boundaries for Healthy Relationships 

Staying late at work again when you have somewhere to be, letting someone talk your ear off when you have other things you want to do, accepting invitations (or demands) to do things you can't do...these are all related to a lack of boundaries.


If you're noticing yourself blaming others for your life and challenges, feeling out of control of your decisions, and overwhelmed with how to move forward, you're probably in desperate need of some new boundaries.


This course walks you through assessing where your boundaries are currently at, what areas of your life could use healthier boundaries, the root (memories, experiences, beliefs) of how you got here, and how to heal those so you can shift out of that place and into the life of your dreams.

The 30 Day Reset

This course is about creating the next 6 months that are exactly what you want. I use journaling, yoga, and meditation to guide you into a life that isn't built on what's happening in the outside world, but on what you're internally cultivating.


I think it's an absolute lie that happiness is unattainable. I know this, because I went from depressed, suicidal, anxious, and overwhelmed to grateful, able to feel the full spectrum of emotions, feeling full of joy every day, and being rooted in a faith that I am always being taken care of.

I created The 30 Day Reset in the midst of the covid-19 quarantine to teach you to that direction, motivation, and joy are practices. Sometimes all it takes is being guided and supported. If you're needing a little pick me up, this one's for you.

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