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Quiet the noise, connect to your soul, and embrace the unexpected peace that comes with exploring the desert.

The desert is a sacred place. Throughout history and time (and the bible), the desert has been a place where people go to explore, rest, and retreat.


This is your virtual desert. A place for journeying in your faith and spirituality where you can ask questions and allow space for the answers come (instead of the old must-figure-it-all-out-right-now method). It's a place for expanding and moving beyond the limits of what you were taught life with God is "supposed" to look like.

It's an open space for open people.

This is a safe space to share honestly and openly about wherever they're at on their journey. It's not for people who are blindly following the rules or are okay with maintaining the religious status quo. It's a place for the curious, the deep-thinkers, and the brave. There’s no coaching (unless you want it), only community—free of judgement or expectation—on the journey of discovering a more compelling and complete reality. 


It's time to lose your Self and find your Soul.

Desert Space is a gathering place. A community for those who are disillusioned by their time at church but genuinely love God (whatever that means for you) and want to be a part of a community of the same kind of people.

This is not a "deconstructing" group.


This group is here to allow space for silence and guidance by the Spirt to be led to whatever that might be, look like, and feel like.

Within the community, there is no agenda (but there are some general ground rules so that everyone can be a supportive helpful member). It’s a place for moving forward, listening within, and tuning out all of the limits of religion. 


Join me, let’s be journeying companions.

Image by Manik Roy

Private Community

As humans, we were created for community. We're a pack species and I believe God created the church so that we could find like-minded people who believe what we do.

This is your new "home," kind of a virtual house church, but not necessarily rooted in the christian "fundamentals" your denomination may have taught you.

Join in on a discussion, maybe post a question that you're wanting someone else's perspective on, or just pop in to support someone else on their journey. 

exclusive Livestreams

The livestreams are super non-committal. If you can come, great! If not, you can always catch the replay.

Some of my favorite messages come through me when I'm doing a live because I'm fully in the moment with you and there to share whatever comes to me.

These are exclusive lives done just for Desert Space and are all about supporting you on your faith journey.

exclusive Videos + Posts

The posts and videos are made just for Desert Space! They'll be on a range of topics—everything from sharing what was the most helpful at the beginning of my faith journey, to the process of grieving your past identity, to allowing space for developing new beliefs.

Some days they might just be little bits of inspiration or something that came to me during a meditation. But they're always exclusive to this space and magical.




  • Private community

  • Exclusive livestreamsvideos and blog posts

  • Monthly masterclass on spiritual evolution

  • No commitment, cancel anytime

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Desert Space is opening up soon—sign up to be the first to know!

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