If you’re starting to realize the burdens and challenges of growing up in an evangelical/fundamentalist church (like the ICOC) but you know you do “believe in God” (or at least think you want to) but you need some support and guidance…I’m your girl.

I’ve been there:

  • not knowing how to untangle my hurts from the church from my understanding of God

  • feeling confused about how I could possibly unlearn all the toxic doctrine and theology I was taught

  • being super disappointed in my community for not giving me space to explore

  • feeling lost as to how to start healing my church wounds

  • not having clarity around what I did want/need

  • feeling abandoned by my community because I really disagreed with some things but not feeling like I knew why exactly


…and it was…heavy. It was really, really hard. And I had to learn who I could trust and how to navigate all of it solo.


But luckily, you don’t have to.




Two 1hr sessions where we can do some of that juicy deep work (healing trauma, shifting limiting beliefs, etc) and two 30m sessions where we can do yoga, meditate, or pray together


Weekly opportunities for self-learning/exploration (books, podcasts, journaling prompts, etc). My role throughout the next year is to support you in growing your own spiritual compass so you doing your own exploration is part of the journey!


You have full access to me during office hours (M-F, 9-5)! I'm always available through texting for support in between sessions—this is where lots of "little" shifts (aka lots of big shifts) can happen.


A custom meditation just for yooouuu. Whether you're wanting to grow in a certain way, to heal deep wounds and find yourself, or just more peace, this is a completely personalized recording for you to listen to whenever you need it.

I’ve been through the spiritual ringer and let me tell you, the grass really is greener over here. It’s a magical land full of unconditional love and hope and peace. It’s not perfect (“free from faults or defects”) but it is perfect (“as good as it is possible to be”). 


This new world that opened up to me when I started having the curiosity and willingness to be open to things I had previously shutdown (because I was shutdown) is the world that I believe God wanted us to experience. I think it’s the Kingdom, heaven on earth.


The goal of my new 1:1 partnering relationship is *super* different from my past coaching programs.


I’m calling this a “1:1 partnering relationship” because it’s so much bigger and deeper than just trying to heal some painful memories or get rid of bad habits. 


Truthfully, this partnering takes more courage to sign up for. This is about taking off the blinders and stepping out wholeheartedly to begin to see God and your faith with completely new eyes.


It’s going to involve a big commitment to yourself. Depending on what you’re needing, I’ll give out lots of opportunities for self-learning and self-exploration (books, podcasts, journaling prompts) between sessions.


I’m not here to heal your trauma. I’m here to guide you through it.


I’m not here to fix your issues. I’m here to hold your hand as we walk into the fire.


I’m not here to tell you it’s going to be okay. I’m here to help you see with your own eyes that it’s better than you could have ever imagined.


Like I said: courage.



It took me almost ten years of healing, therapy, coaching, (etc etc etc) to be able to get to the place where I see us all as “just doing our best”—no judgment for the way I was raised, my parents were just sharing their understanding of God as best they could. No judgment for my evangelists and campus ministry leaders…they were just sharing their spiritual understanding as best they could. No judgment for myself as I guilted and shamed myself and created loads of mental and physical health problems…I was just trying to be “my best” (aka, perfect, ideally) for God, my parents, my friends as best I understood.


What took the longest was realizing that I didn’t have to be miserable and hate myself in order to have motivation for “becoming more like Christ.” I learned I could be happy and grow because we’re created for both. 


I realized I didn’t have to look at every single person I passed, seeing them as “saved” or “lost.” I learned I could see everyone as being Divine in their own right (because we’re all “made in the image of God”) and I could desire to connect with them out of genuine care for their humanity, not their “eternal salvation.”


I realized that so much of the doctrine I was taught were ideas that were created in the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 19th centuries and though rooted in a scripture or two, really missed the point of the Bible in toto. I learned that I could let go of toxic theology and doctrine and have the best relationship with God so far.

Like I said it took me ten years, which is why this 1:1 partnering relationship is a year long. This kind of transformation is not something that can happen in a few months. I want to become your best friend who just happens to help you heal and transcend your trauma. 


So the details look like this:

  • Meeting 4x a month: two 1hr sessions where we can do some of that juicy deep work (healing trauma, shifting limiting beliefs, etc) and two 30m sessions where we can do yoga, meditate, or pray together. 

  • Weekly opportunities for self-learning and self-exploration (recommendations for books, podcasts, journaling prompts, etc)

  • Texting access to me during office hours (M-F, 9-5)

  • A custom meditation just for yooouuu

The investment is $250 every other week or $500/mo (whatever is better for how you like to budget). If you need a different payment plan or would like to pay in full instead, please let me know!