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I'm seriously so happy you're here

Are you stressed and anxious and borderline burned out with frustration and not sure how to move forward? Yeah, I feel that.

I first went into therapy when I was diagnosed with depression when I was 11, anxiety a couple years later, Lyme disease in high school, and bipolar in college. Even with therapy, medication, and a super supportive (and insanely patient) family, my teen/college years were full of suicidal thoughts and plans—I was desperate to escape my future because I couldn't picture things getting any better. Despite said challenges, plus the many changes in schools, majors, and having an "unconventional" path, I've found more joy, peace, energy, and fulfillment then I could have ever imagined. 

I've created a life full of greater beauty and gratitude than I could have asked for.

And it hasn't just "happened" to me. The life of my wildest dreams didn't just fall into my lap. I truly worked for it. I read so many books. I talked to people I admired. I got multiple coaches. I journaled every day. I wrote gratitude lists. I did the affirmations. I meditated on scriptures.

I fought for happiness.

And guess what. It paid off! I created new habits. Retrained my brain to find the good. Healed all the beliefs that I had picked up all throughout those rocky years. I told myself new truths that I liked better. I asked myself what could the best future look like?

And now I'm here to help you do the same exact thing.

Everyone's process is different. Your journey won't look like mine.


But if you're willing to let go, finding a new level of peace is an absolute guarantee.

Los Angeles, CA


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