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Hello friend! I'm Victoria and I work with you to find what your greatest needs and desires are and release the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that have been holding you back. As someone who has overcome my own mental and physical health issues, my passion is to help you discover how you can thrive as well.


I spent eleven years trying to cope with depression, anxiety, bipolar, and Lyme disease. I now live a life I'm excited to call my own and share with others. I've spent the last few years studying, practicing, and cultivating a business that encompasses mental and emotional wellness by utilizing EFT, NLP, and hypnosis. I'm yoga teacher and a huge fan of meditation, morning rituals, and self-care.


I believe your thoughts create your reality. I also believe your thoughts are rooted in beliefs, memories, and patterns that can be changed. By changing the perspective around the memories that have created your current thought systems, I facilitate your journey to optimal wellness.

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