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If you’re realizing the burdens and challenges of growing up in an evangelical/fundamentalist church (like the ICOC) are too much to work through on you're own and you need some support and guidance…I’m your girl.


There has been a dream unfolding recently. A space for and community of open-minded people who find themselves at the intersection of christianity and spirituality. It can be so confusing when you step into new territory, and when you don't have someone there to guide and support you it can be even more challenging. In the process of trying to find those people, sometimes the hardest part can be just knowing who to trust.

Part of the solution is to stop looking for someone else to give you the answers. You already know the answers. It's time to learn to tune into your soul and listen.

Between 1:1 coaching and Desert Space, you'll be able to get the support and a place of safety where you can retreat. Here, it's a place of love, kindness, expansion, and rest.

My aim is to step out of advice-giving and into whole-hearted love and support for you as you learn how to find those answers for ourselves.


The last several years have been a winding journey of discovering new truths, leaving old ones behind, and embracing a new way of living.

I grew up evangelical, but as I've matured in my life, understanding of the spiritual realm, and relationships, I found that the God I was taught growing up was not the God I kept finding around me, leading me, in the bible, and in nature.

This deep shift into seeing this new God has created a domino effect, unfolding a beautiful new way of living for me. A life of ease, joy, beauty, love, and confidence.

This shift came with work initially, but I've found myself settling into the most magical way of living, and that all began by wandering into a personal and spiritual "desert." Want to join me?

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